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Managing BMW MINI Dealership ECU upgrades when equipped with Shark Injector

Each time you attempt a Shark install, it checks to see if it's already been 'sharked', or stock. If 'sharked', it commences a restore function downloading the previously stored stock software. If it is stock, it uploads the stock software and compares it to see if it is on it's list of 'recognized' software. If it doesn't recognize it, it sends an ERROR 147. If it recognizes the software, it proceeds with loading the Shark into your car.

Once the dealership has loaded new software in your car's ECU, the Shark will record the stock software and send an error 147. Once the Shark sends an ERROR 147, I will be able to update it for you.

Anytime your dealer installs new factory software over the Shark software in your MINI, the Shark will always record the new factory software before attempting anything. Even though we know your next install will fail with an ERROR 147, this is a necessary step before we can upgrade your Shark - we need the new software information in your Shark to update.

The good news is, the upgrades are free. The bad news is, this will need to be repeated each time the dealer upgrades your software - this is because the Shark needs to be 'adapted' to any new software to ensure proper function. The Shark will not write over factory software that it does not recognize.

Here's what needs to happen:

1. Attempt an install - get an error 147.
2. Send the Shark to Mini Mania, Inc., Attention Shark Reprogram.
3. send an email notice to [email protected] saying that it's on its way.
4. the upgrade is free of charge.
5. specify how you want the unit shipped back
6. provide credit card info for return shipping charges.