Finding The MINI Parts You Need at Mini Mania Inc



At Mini Mania, we have literally thousands of parts available for your MINI Cooper! This vast selection is a great asset, but it can be tricky to find what you want without knowing where to look. Here's how to proceed.

First off, you should enter details of your MINI into the "My MINI" section of Mini Mania's web page. This ensures the products we display will fit your specifiic vehicle.

The "My MINI" entry is located near the top left hand side of most pages and looks like this: 

    If you're not sure which MINI/engine combination you have, ID your MINI here. 


Now it's time to find the part that you need! There are three different ways to find the part you are seeking:

1.) Product Search method

One of the best ways to quickly find what you are looking for is by using Site Search.

The Search Box looks like this    and can be found at the top left hand side of most pages on

You can enter searches in a number of formats:

  • By description of the part. e.g. water pump
  • By part of the description. e.g. water
  • By Mini Mania product number. e.g. NME7679  

 As an example, searching for "Water Pumps" in the Search Box will deliver products like these, which are specific to the MINI model entered in the My MINI section described above.

  Click on any of the "View Details" buttons for more information


2.) The Products, Shop By Category method

Go to the Products /  Shop By Category Pull Down, where you can select specific product categories which lead to more detailed  individual product pages.


As an example, selecting "Cooling System" in the Repairs section would then lead you to a web page displaying multiple parts in that category. Note that the displayed results match the vehicle details entered in My MINI!




3.) Use our Chat Service
Click on the   which you can find near the top left hand side of most web pages. This will connect you to one of our MINI product experts who can assist you on line.
If you still can't find what you need, call us!
Our number is 800-946-2642.