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The following installation guide is for part# GS130273 - Classic Mini Bonnet Hood Latch Release Cable Kit

classic mini bonnet release cables

The cable bracket is made to fit universally and will replace the original bracket as tacked in on the latest Minis. The funny looking tag, which points to the heater, is used on later cars to hold a relay and the single bolthole faces the front. This bracket should be fitted about 3" back from the lower padded rail of the parcel shelf and 5-6" from the R/H door seal.

Ensure the choice of bolt holes in the cable bracket lines up with metal on the parcel shelf, as latest vehicles have gaps (visible from underneath) and the plastic cloth of the parcel shelf would tear. (You can poke a piece of thin metal or wood gently and carefully between the plastic trim and the metal you are drilling from underneath, to act as a drill stop.)

The cable then needs to be run through the bulkhead by the clearest route along the inner wing down to the bonnet slam panel. Cable ties or clips are recommended to hold the cable in place.

The commonest route for the cable is through the bulkhead to the extreme left just above the crossmember that the master cylinders sit on. The cable then pushes down under the rear of the parcel tray to the fitting bracket.

This is only a guide and careful planning of drilling a hole for the cable must be taken as all cars have different parts fitted. The grommet for the bulkhead hole is on the cable.

1 Cable bracket
1 Cable
1 Bonnet lock and correct bolts
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Mini Cooper Bonnet hood release

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