TEAM Mini Mania
Contingency Program

Over the years, Mini Mania has sponsored hundreds of racers in North America. The Team Mini Mania concept has been a great success and has given many thousands of dollars in discounts on parts to racers of all levels.

To join Team Mini Mania,call our toll-free number to request a team decal for your car. Send us a picture of your car showing the team decal. After you've participated in three events, fax or mail the official start list or race results to Mini Mania. You'll receive a 10% discount on all regularly-priced products ordered from Mini Mania during the next 12 months. When your purchases under the program reach $1,000 within the year, your discount will be increased to 15% for the remainder of the 12 months.

Remember, this is an annual program -- you must RENEW your Team standing each year! If you have been participating in Team Mini Mania in the past, be sure to send us a new currentpicture of your car with the team decal along with your race results in order to continue receiving the 10% discount.

From the beginning of the program, our goal has been to assist Mini Mania customers defer some of the costs involved in going racing. We extend our thanks to all of our team members for their participation in the program.

Sincerely, Don Racine President Mini Mania

Team Mini Mania Contingency Program

  1. Each member must send us a current picture of your car showing the Team Mini Maniadecal in place.
  2. After a member has competed in three events (must be different weekends) and submits a copy of the official results (or entry sheets) for those events to Mini Mania, member will receive a discount of 10% on all regularly-priced parts ordered during the following 12 months.
  3. Once the Member has purchased $1,000 worth of product in 12 months, the discount will increase to 15% on all subsequent orders.

Offer applies to residents of US/Canada only.

To submit photos: Send by E-mail to: [email protected]  Or mail to: Team Mini Mania, 870 Gold Flat Road, Ste. A, Nevada City, CA 95959

Race results may be mailed to the address above, or faxed to "Team Mini Mania" at: (530) 470-8388.