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Engine Performance Enhancements at Mini Mania

At Mini Mania we are experts in power and speed.   After all, our company's founder, Don Racine, has built and raced Classic Minis for several decades.  He started Mini Mania in 1974 after his own frustration in finding quality parts in the US.   Not only do we offer complete power units, we also rebuild engines, cylinder heads and transmissions.  There are a variety of changes you can make to your Mini that will increase its horsepower...some a nominal amount and some that give a large increase in power.    You may also want to check out this in-depth article regarding performance enhancement.  We hope it's helpful.   Here are some suggestions if you want to increase your Classic Mini engine's  horsepower.

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classic mini cylinder heads
Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Any aluminum head will have advantages in lighter weight and better cooling due to aluminum being able to shed heat better than iron. The wider valve spacing allows the installation of much bigger valves, which is a huge advantage in flow and power!
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classic mini performance exhaust
Performance Exhaust & Headers

When it comes to exhausts, all is not what it seems. The most popular isn’t necessarily the best. Size is everything, before buying remember the motto - ‘tuning is a balance between what’s possible and what’s necessary’. 
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classic mini electronic distributors
Electronic Distributors

To maximize spark potential an electronic ignition is essential. Years of development in the electronics industry and automotive applications, have produced very reliable, effective switching units. Electronic distributors offer better spark and more reliability than points type distributors.
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classic mini air filters
Air Filter Upgrades

Although nominal, upgrading your air filter can increase the horsepower on your Mini.   Our most popular filters, K&N FilterCharger®, are designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life.
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classic mini performance camshafts
Performance Camshafts

For ultimate performance, consider the entire envelope the camshaft will work within. Intended application (street, race), budget, expected RPM range, etc must be considered along with things like compression ratio, Cylinder head and valve sizes, exhaust system and carburation.
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engines for classic minis
Engine Assemblies

We can either rebuild your old unit or supply you a new, used and tested or refurbished unit.  Our expert mechanics in our Mini Engine Shop can walk you through the steps, suggesting options and performance enhancements to get you the get the Mini engine the way you want.
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classic mini engine stage kits
Stage Kits

Sometimes, it is not practical to swap an entire engine.  In this case, a stage kit can be fitted.  Stage 1 kits usually consist of a new exhaust, LCB exhaust manifold, intake manifold, performance air filter and replacement carburetor needle and are available for all engine sizes.
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classic mini pistons

New pistons in freshly over-bored cylinders build power by adding displacement and better compression. Choose flat tops for more compression or dished for less.  If you have any questions regarding selecting pistons, we are happy to help.
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More Engine Performance Parts

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