Quick Guide on How to Install your MINI Cooper 3D Badge to a Grill Mount

Our 3D Badge holders are super easy to install.

3 Easy Steps on Installing your Mini Cooper 3D Badge Grill Holder

Step 1.  Velcro strap the holder to wherever you want to display your badge, your grille, bike rack, etc.
  1. Step 2.  Place the 3D Badge inside the holder.
  2. Step 3.  Secure the badge in place by using the trim ring. 

Video Transcription on Installing 3D Badges Grill Holders

Hi Gang, it's Brendan McRae again here for Mini Mania and today I'm going to show you the quick and easy install and this is definitely an easy install for the 3D Badge holder for the front of your MINI Cooper.

We're going to be demonstrating this on a Countryman, actually, but this will fit in any of the MINI Coopers, and it's just held on by a Hook and Loop Strap.

We're going to show you you exactly just how this goes on here; just find one of the vertical slats inside your Grille. Just pass the Hook and Loop Strap through, straight through here and what we're going to end up doing is getting this mounted right there.

To show you how we do that, we're going to take off the Trim Ring-you can either get a Black or a Chrome Trim Ring.

This is the way that the 3D Badge Mount comes to you. Slide your Hook and move right through. There are two pads, basically, that are going to sit on the horizontal slats. Just go ahead and line that up and the first part that you want to tighten-you want to get that kind of, give it a pull and make sure that it's kind of snug on there.

And then just run this across. And that will hold that on there securely and just feed the rest of this right through the back.

And now you can take and order any of the 3D Badges that you want, anything that denotes your personal style.

And once that's on there you just take a Trim Ring, screw it on and you're ready to Motor. That particular one right there is Black and you can also have a Chrome Trim Ring styled Holder.

There are two different part numbers in our system. We're going to list both of them here with links so that you can click and get whichever 3D Badge Holder you would like.

The part numbers are G2NMX4500 for the Black and G2NMX4501 for the Chrome.