Hi Gang, it's Brendan McRae for Mini Mania again and today we're going to do an installation of an O.E.M. Armrest in an R60 Countryman, this is a 2012 model and we're going to get right to it.

OK, in the models that are equipped without the Armrest, you have your Rail System here. The first step is going to be to slide back and expose the S crews in this Rubber Pad that sits in between the Rail, and then you're going to go ahead and remove it. We're actually going to be attaching the Bracket back here, in the area right between the two Front Seats, is going to be a Metal Bracket that goes in there.

You're going to attach the Armrest itself to that bracket and there are two pieces of Black Plastic Trim to finish it off.

We are now at the back of the Rail System here, and we've got this little bit of a round cap that sits on there and it just take a Screwdriver, very carefully, and pop it out. Which will reveal more of the Torque Spins. Take those 3 out as well.

Go ahead and just put a little leverage on the left side-see what you can do. Oh, OK and here's the Bracket that we're replacing. Gotcha. OK, that revealed the two rear 25mm Torque Screws, so we'll remove those and we should be able to slide the Rail System out.

OK what we've decided to do was actually to lift out the Boot Carrier and your Drink Holder here. It's all one piece- in order to do that you just take out the little rubber parts that are at the bottom of the Drink Holders, there's two Torque Screws there.

Then there is the one that holds it on to the back of the Rail here. The rest of it is just basically held in by Plastic Clips. Just lift up on it. You don't have to take it all the way off. You don't need to remove your Shifter Knob. That gives you just enough room so that you can basically remove the Rail.

Now you'll notice that these are the Fiber Optic Electrical lines and they're connected underneath. They've got the requisite Female connector and Male connector there. Be very careful with those. It's a Flat Wire type system, but there is a Fiber Optic Light that goes all the way down the center of the rails on either side so I want to be careful to remove that. When you get that out of the way then we can work on the Bracket back here.

OK, so now with the center Rail removed, there are four bolts that hold he Delete Bracket, as it comes if you get your R60 without your center Armrest. You just go and undo those 4 Nuts-13 Millimeter Socket on there.

So this is the one that we removed, this is the one that's going in. You can see that it's a little bit longer and the Torque Screws need to be brought over to the back of this one, as well. Then this one's got the other two mounting holes, of course, for the Armrest, so this is the one that's going to go in.

Now it's just a question of reconnecting the Electrical and reconnecting the Fiber Optic Lights. We're going to very carefully take the Flat Wire, we're going to put it back underneath the Cup Holder and there you go.

Next we put back the Cup Holder Console. We've got two Screws here that are going to go back in-they're Torques- here's one. This is the other one. Put the Rubber Pads back in the bottom of the Drink Holders, covers up the Screw heads. There you go,that part's done. We're connecting the Fibre Optic Lights.

Now we're going to put back the Screws that go at the front of the Rail. The other ones are going to actually hold the new Armrest. There's a last little bit of Trim that goes back on this and just this little bit of a Trim Ring that goes on the top of the Shifter Housing- there you go.

Now one thing that you're going to have to do is, you're actually going to have to trim the Rubber Pad, that sits at the bottom of the Rail. In order to fit the Armrest we've got to clear that little place back by where Stephen's Thumb is, so we're going to measure that.

We're going to trim it and then the last step is to put the Armrest, itself, in and were going to do that right now. So we cut out just enough to go right up to the edge of where the new Bolts are located, cutting out about three inches or so.

We'll do the other two and then we'll put the plastic on to shroud the bottom of it. OK, so then the final step. We're going to cover this up with these two plastic pieces. You'll see that the shorter piece actually goes on the front, this side. The longer piece is towards the back and they just snap into place and we'll show you how it's done.

We slide this in and there it goes. Then the rear piece fits and snaps right into place and that covers it up really nicely.

Then the last part, of course, what we're going to do is going to put the Trim piece on the back. What we're doing is we're using a piece of tape here to mask off this area right here which you actually have to remove and this is the bit that sits right at the rear.

When you don't have the factory Armrest installed, this goes all the way down and sits inside the channel. These are the channels right here for the Rails and that's where they go through up at the top here. This is actually taken up by the plastic piece that we're going to be using now. So this actually has to be removed from this piece. So we're just going to score it a few times, with a regular Hobby Knife and then we're going to just try to break it off straight.

OK, so the shape that you're going to want to end up with kind of looks a little like a Teddy Bear. So when you've got the Teddy Bear shape, you know that you have it cut correctly, when it has little ears at the top. You don't need to put any sort of special profile you just cut it straight across and so that's kind of the shape that you're looking for, you'll see.

This is the piece right here that we were actually trying to clear, because- this-of course wasn't there when the Armrest wasn't there. That piece went all the way down into the Channel and we had to make room for that. So now it's just a question of getting the piece to 'slap', there's two tabs on either side that it snaps into. It's got 3 Screws that secure it, the Screws that you removed from before, back in place.

And that's all there is to the installation.

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