2 Easy Steps on How to Use Promo Codes  

PLEASE NOTE:  Promo Codes USUALLY* cannot be applied to Sale, Clearance, Specially Priced or Special Orders.  In addition, some promo codes may apply only to specific parts or parts categories.

* On occasion, we do allow promo codes to apply to sale and clearance items, but as a general rule, we don't.

STEP 1) Add items to your cart, and then go to the SHOPPING CART.

There, you'll see the first chance we give you to put in your promo discount code.

STEP 2)  Press the "Apply" button after entering your promotion code. 
When you enter a valid code, you'll see the discount applied to those products that don't already have some type of discount applied to them (remember, unlike some large computer retailers, we don't stack discounts)

P.S. if you miss it on the first page of the Shopping Cart, you'll see plenty of other pages where the promo code can be applied.  And if you have questions, please email us.

That's it! You'll get a confirmation screen showing your purchase was complete. Thanks for shopping at Mini Mania!

Update 2018

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