Mini Mania is the sole US representative of the excellent "Evolution" differential. Basically a clutch type diff, it is a 1950's ideal incorporating a 1990's technology. It is much more refined than the previous plate type diffs. Modern engineering and design allows cariations in static pre-load, percentage torque transfer and accelleration/decelleration action to be made. This facilitates tuning the diff to suit individual requirements and applications - be it road, rally or race!

Static settings are easily changed by replacing one diff plate with a thicker one. A selective plate pack is available seperately. Static pre-load is checked by holding the unit in a vise and checking slip point with a torque wrench on one of the crown wheel retaining bolts. Percentage torque bias is changed by interleaving the plate configuration. Interleaving the plates increases the torque bias, but is also dependent on the ramp angle used. Shallower ramp angles gives higher percentage torque bias.

The design of the cross pins and ramps in which they operate allow torque bias changes to be made. The closer to 90 degrees angle the ramp is made, the less action it has - so a 90 degree ramp effectively unlocks the diff making it behave like a standard diff. Conversely, the shallower the angle, the greater the locking action.

There are three basic types available. "90/55" for gentle Road use, 50/40 for rally & autocross use and 90/35 for full race!

Sprite/Midget Limited Slip

Exclusively by Mini Mania, these are the latest generation of extremly high quality competition axles. A critical must for the road racer, Vintage racer and anybody driving off road. Available for steel or wire wheels!