Mini Mania offers a wide selection of Car Covers for your MINI Cooper. Whether you store your car inside a garage and just need an Indoor Car Cover or you require a more versatile Indoor/Outdoor Car Cover, we’ve got a lot for you to choose from.

First things first. What's The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor

Not only are there big differences between Indoor Car Covers and Indoor/Outdoor Car Covers, even within each category there are differences.

For example:

  • Between the INDOOR COVERS - Dustop® Block-It® and Polycotton® are both indoor covers and both are great for keeping dust out, but… Polycotton is less expensive and doesn’t provide as much protection for dings and offers less insulation.   But Polycotton covers can be cleaned at home,  while Dustop covers are recommended to be cleaned.


  • With regard to the INDOOR/OUTDOOR Covers - While Noah® Block-It® Covers and WeatherShield® HP Car Covers are both excellent covers, Noah Block-It Covers are slightly larger and may require larger storage space they also offer greater ding protection. As for cleaning, the WeatherShield HP Car Covers can be cleaned at home, Noah Block-It Car Covers are recommended to be cleaned commercially.


  • Sunbrella® and WeatherShield® HD great protect from intense sun. WeatherShield HD also offers high value for Snow protection while Sunbelt does not.


Other Factors To Consider When Buying a Car Cover

At the end of this article is a graph showing more information about the different car covers.


Choose Your MINI To Find The Right Car Cover:

  • MINI R50 Hatchback
  • MINI R52 Convertible
  • MINI R53 Convertible
  • MINI R55 Clubman
  • MINI R56 Hatchback
  • MINI R57 Convertible
  • MINI R58 Coupe
  • MINI R59 Roadster
  • MINI R60 Countryman
  • MINI R61 Paceman
  • MINI F54 Clubman
  • MINI F55 Hatchback
  • MINI F56 Hatchback
  • MINI F57 Convertible
  • MINI F60 Countryman