Carbon Fiber MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories
Carbon fiber parts for MINI Cooper enhances the value and appearance of any MINI .  Making your MINI into a personal statement is one of the main reasons you own such a fantastic car.  Carbon fiber is a major part of any modern race car and the MINI is no exception.  The competitive advantage to race car owners for their use of carbon fiber has been extended to many modern cars and no better example can be found when you look at all the accessories for the MINI Cooper.  The carbon fiber look can help you set your car apart for sure!

To find a Carbon Fiber Part for Your MINI Cooper, scroll down the page and find your GEN Type.

What is real Carbon Fiber.
The MINI Cooper Carbon Fiber selection includes items that have the look and feel of Carbon Fiber but are only for looks.  But what is 'Real' Carbon Fiber? "Carbon Fiber" is literally a Fiber material made from real Carbon. The fiber starts as extremely thin strands of carbon that are twisted together to form a yarn and then woven into a cloth. The cloth can is then laid over a mold and with the addition of a resin can result into a strong as steel part.

How to Find Carbon Fiber Parts, Trim and Accessories for Your MINI

It's simple... scroll down and select your GEN banner below to find your GEN Type MINI and -- there you go!