MINI Cooper Brake Rotor Upgrade Video

In this video we swap out the factory JCW front brake disc rotors and pads and replace them with EBC Yellowstuff Pads
and slotted and drilled rotors.

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Hi gang its Brendan from Mini Mania.

Today we're going to do a video showing us swapping out our stock front brake pads and rotors on our JCW Coupe which is right there. We're going to be using the EBC yellow pads, these are part number G2NMB2048 for the front. I believe the 49s are for the rears and then these are the upgraded slotted and drilled rotors that we're going to be putting on the car and the part number on those is G2NMB3004, and we're going to get to that right now, show you all the steps.

Alright, here we are, okay we have got the wheel off the car, in first step we're going to just knock out the pins okay, here, okay the spring here should pop right out, you get my screwdriver there behind you. Spread them open a bit here, we'll show you the orientation of that spring when the new ones go back in.  We've got a piece of wood that we cut, it's about the same size as the pad. We're just going to go against since we're replacing the rotor we don't need to worry about marring it, we're just going to put that in there and we're just going to sync those dual pistons right back in the bore, and do that on both sides.

So we are going to put a piece of wire here to hang the caliper from, make note you can use a bungee cord or whatever works better, whatever you want it shouldn't hang from the hose bottom line. Okay 15 millimeter, roughly five eighths should work on the, two caliper bolts is a 5/8 socket caliber, wire it up, just like that. Okay and remove my rotor, big number 50 torque, pretty sure number 50, yep fits her excellent.

New rooter, line her up right here start the bolt, start slamming in the air gun here. Yeah, yes siree it's checking it with a wheel bullet just to make sure that we're lined up correctly. You can put those on thread one or two beforehand if you want to. Before you do that, but it's good to check them. Now we're going to put new pads in this caliper, we're going to put the caliper back on. I'm just going to do this hand tight for now. We're not going to, not going to tighten those caliper bolts yet since you're only on one side - yes okay okay. Wear sensor is only on the driver side under on a left hand drive car, this is just these have already been clapped I'm going to clap the other side now. Okay very little pressure, look as it goes in so nicely these coppers are very good. Set my new pad in there, yeah its nice and easy.

Okay, oh my clip, you can see the clip, the longer end, it goes up. Okay so the clip is held in place by the pins that go through which also we're going to secure the pad so that they cannot, pins, come in from the backside. It's a bit of a trick getting all this lined up, basically we want to take the tension off the clip by pushing on the clip releasing the tension to get the clip in. Looks like we're hitting the pad there, this pads going to come out, there we go bring her out a tad, this is where its tricky so we go, right there, all the way in. Let me get my punch, ok.

Now the lower clip pads got to come it out, it doesn't want to go through it, there, push and squeeze the pad out, there we go now if we clip down all the way up nail up behind it there we go there we go down, push the clip forward okay now inch this pat out a tad, get my little hammer a little boost here. Okay, we're getting dead center there, push it back a tad. There it is. Get my punch again. Drive this guy in the rest of the way, okay last, tighten the bolts, tighten the rear calibear bolts, okay there she goes, pull my wire out.