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How to Choose The Right  MINI Cooper Performance Exhaust Cat Back System

What Is A Cat Back Exhaust System

The Mini Cooper Exhaust system for either the regular MINI Cooper or the MINI Cooper "S" model is also often called a “Cat-Back” system.

Why?  Because it basically replaces the stock exhaust starting from right behind the catalytic converter and extending to the very back of the car, thus the term ‘cat-back’. For the Mini Cooper exhaust there are a number of choices on the market from several manufacturers.

Characteristics to be considered when purchasing your Mini Cooper Exhaust system are:
  • A replacement system will NOT affect your BMW MINI warranty.
  • The original MINI Cooper is a high quality product - only replace the original with a product of better or higher quality standards.
  • It should be made from stainless steel for long life and rust resistance.
  • It should be made to fit directly in the stock mountings with no modifications.
  • It should be a free-flowing system designed for high performance.

And for sure - the sound of the exhaust is probably one of the most often used reasons for replacing the stock exhaust system. Be sure to understand not only the sound at idle or under acceleration but most important the sound at a constant RPM as experienced when freeway driving.

What Are The Benefits of a Performance Cat Back Exhaust Systems

In a nut shell Performance Cat Back Exhaust Systems offer better flow with reduced back pressure for improved performance. 

Which Cat-Back System is Right For You

We offer some of the best Cat-Back Systems on the market for your MINI - it just depends on what you really want and need.  Below are some of our best offering.  And if you need more help understanding and finding a Cat-Back System, please give us a call. We'd love to help. 


NOTE: Some states (like California) have ever tightening requirements for emissions testing and inspections. Always check your local regulations on compliance for street use.

Here is a handy guide for identifying the Performance Exhaust System to fit your MINI Cooper.  

See our Mini Cooper Performance Parts, an Upgrade Guide for your Mini for other upgrade options.


YEARS       BORLA      QUICKSILVER        REMUS      
HARDTOP R50 COOPER 2002-2006 NME1023 NME1120    
CONVERTIBLE R52 COOPER 2005-2008 NME1023 NME1121    
HARDTOP R56 COOPER 2007-2013       G2NME2005
CONVERTIBLE R57   COOPER 2009-2015        
HARDTOP F56 COOPER 2014+   G3NME2021 G3NME2075  
HARDTOP F55 4-DOOR COOPER 2015+   G3NME2023 G3NME2075  



HARDTOP R53 COOPER S 2002-2006 NME1018 NME1123  NME1141    
CONVERTIBLE R52 COOPER S 2005-2008 NME1018        
HARDTOP R56 COOPER S 2007-2013  G2NME2001  G2NME2020   G2NME2100  
CLUBMAN R55 COOPER S 2008-2014    G2NME2022      
CONVERTIBLE R57 COOPER S 2009-2015  G2NME2001  G2NME2021      
COUPE R58 COOPER S 2012-2015  G2NME2001  G2NME2024   G2NME2100  
ROADSTER R59 COOPER S 2012-2015  G2NME2001  G2NME2024      
COUNTRYMAN R60 COOPER S 2011-2016  G2NME2003 G2NME2023    G2NME2080  
PACEMAN R61 COOPER S 2013-2016   G2NME2026    G2NME2080  
HARDTOP F56 COOPER S 2014-2020  G3NME2000  G3NME2020 G3NME2070  G3NME2030 G3NME2065
HARDTOP F55 4-DOOR COOPER S 2015-2020    G3NME2026 G3NME2072 G3NME2031 G3NME2066
CONVERTIBLE F57 COOPER S 2016-2021 G3NME2001 G3NME2024 G3NME2070    
CLUBMAN F54 COOPER S 2016-2020       G3NME2032  
CLUBMAN F54 ALL4 COOPER S 2016-2020       G3NME2032