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Windshield Wiper Blades for
MINI Cooper R61 Paceman (2013-2016)

Maintenance for your MINI Cooper is important for the safety of you and other drivers. Windshield wiper replacement, especially during winter season, should be a routine. Through time your wiper blades become dry, cracked, and damaged from different weather conditions.

Worn out blades can impair your visibility, increasing the chance of a possible accident. Check your windshield wipers every 6 months. If they’re creating squeaky noises, leaving streaks, sticking, or other abnormal issues it’s time to replace your windshield wiper blades.

Here at MiniMania we provide windshield wiper blades for every MINI model. We offer OEM and Aftermarket front, rear, and 3 piece wiper blade sets for your Gen2 MINI Cooper R61 Paceman.

OEM or Aftermarket Wiper Blades


There are many reasons for purchasing OEM windshield wipers.

  • The blades were built to specifically adhere to your windshield
  • Longevity: OEM ensures that the windshield wipers will last long, since they fit your car perfectly
  • Proper Functionality: You can assure they are going to fit properly and work since they are made for your car specifically

Choose Your OEM Wipers for

MINI R60 (2013-2016)

OEM Front Wiper Blade Pair

OEM Rear Wiper Blade

Front & Rear
OEM Front & Rear Wiper Blade Set


Why use PIAA and Aero Vogue? 

  • Durable: Silicone rubber lasts at least 2x longer than traditional blades
  • Performance: Silicone compound promotes water beading and quiet operation
  • Refillable: AeroVogue and Super Silicone wipers accept Silicone refills
  • Better Value: Long-term costs are lower due to outstanding durability and refill capability

Choose Your Aftermarket Wipers

MINI R60 (2013-2016)


PIAA Super Silicone Front Wipers Blades

Understanding Arm Types | Pinch Tab Style

The Pinch Tab style used by MINI are for the R61 Paceman (2013-2016)

FAQs on Wiper Blades

What are the sizes?
Blade length: Driver side = 19" | Passenger side = 20" | Rear = 9.5"

What types of wiper blades do you offer?

OEM and Aftermarket wiper blades (PIAA, Aero Vogue)

How do you install wiper blades on a MINI R61 Paceman?

Pinch Tab Style: