MINI Cooper Turbo Heat Shield

The second generation MINI Cooper S, introduced in 2007, was different in many ways from the earlier model.  The use of a Turbo to take the place of the supercharger found on the first generation "S" was a great move. One of the directives was to NOT change the overall look and feel of the MINI. The hood scoop that was functional and a visual design element of the supercharged model was retained for the visual impact on the Turbo models.  All of this went as planned and looks great. The problem comes when the turbo by its inherent design causes all the heat to simply go up, as all hot air will do, and runs into the plastic hood scoop.  It does not take long for the scoop to deform under the excessive but normal heat of the turbo.

 The solution can come in two forms.   Install a heat shield above the turbo or install a insulation just inside the hood scoop to deflect the heat. While in a few hot climate areas it might take both -- in most cases one is enough.  We offer you the following choices.