MINI Cooper Camber Plates
Camber is one of the most often used terms when talking about improving the handling of your MINI Cooper.  When the top of the wheel is farther out than the bottom (that is, away from the axle), it is called positive camber;  when the bottom of the wheel is farther out than the top, it is called negative camber.  As your MINI corners even at slow speeds the tires deflects and puts more load on the outside of the tire than on the inside edge.  A can with zero camber will quickly wear out the outer edge from everyday driving.  Under hard cornering the suspension defects as well as the tire.  Adding negative camber will not only even our the wear on the tire but will greatly enhance the potential cornering speeds.  The more performance you ask for from the tires the more Camber Adjustment you will need.  With stock springs the typical camber plates will have limited but still significant improvements - see individual options for details.