MINI Countryman Clutch Problems
Reported problems with the factory original clutch used on the early MINI Countryman are easy to find. While more problems seem to related to the All4 version of the Countryman they are by no means isolated to them. The experiences are varied. Some MINIs only suffer from a slippage issue while others result in the extreme case of the car not moving at all!

The clutch problem has never been formally recognized by the MINI factory although sometime near the end of 2013 MINI revised the programming for the throttle control and changed the friction material on the clutch friction surface.  The latest version of the MINI Countryman clutch kit can be found here - G2NMG7622

We have better quality and stronger MINI Countryman performance clutch kits, but we don't know if they will hold up any better on the Countryman ALL4.  If there are other 'contributing factors' causing the problem, a stronger clutch kit may not be the answer. See G2NMG1601-p