Mini Cooper D shows better fuel economy than the Honda Insight

Mini Cooper DSpeaking of environmental movement, the Mini Cooper will not be the first car to be associated with this. But with its frugal four cylinder engines and the new Mini E battery-operated version, the Cooper’s green credentials are quite impressive.

At present, Mini is polishing the inexpensive, high miler Cooper that sells in Europe to be the Mini One; the new Mini One D has a special 90hp (67kW) version of a BMW Group oil-burner that turns in the equivalent of 6mg fuel economy. It also includes stop-start functionality to save gas in traffic and city driving at the same time it has regenerative braking that supplies juice for accessory power. There are no plans yet of Mini selling Diesel One in America but it is not too early to imagine future Coopers coming with fuel-efficient drivetrain, especially that BMW is a huge diesel proponent. It isn’t far off from a 2010 Honda Insight in acceleration with its 0-60 mph time of 11.5 seconds… comparable or better fuel economy, and the Mini One can speed up to 113 mph!


[via motorauthority]