With over 26 years experience and special merge collector technology, BORLA performance exhausts provide the ULTIMATE in power and endurance ensuring BORLA PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIES to be the leader in the design and manufacture of Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust Systems for the MINI Cooper & MINI Cooper S.


BORLA's story began almost three decades ago-in as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for Concours Classics such as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari and have evolved into the Premier Manufacturer of today’s Performance Vehicles for the street, off-road, and racing including the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S.

Committed to providing world class exhaust products for the MINI Cooper their state-of-the art Test and Development Center is continually improving its manufacturing efficiency and standards - promising to “surpass the expectations of it’s customers.

Having pioneered a variety of improvements in the design of performance exhaust systems, Alex Borla currently holds three US patents for innovative exhaust system technology, and the company has won numerous Best New Product Awards in the industry.


Widely recognized by the top engine builders in the racing world, BORLA Exhaust Systems and its “Performance Advantages” offer racers around the world maximum performance from their BORLA Exhaust Systems.

In fact, BORLA is at the forefront of the movement toward responsible racing with our full line of patented, award and race-winning Racing Mufflers that not only maintain a race engine’s power, but in some instances actually add power.

This technology is incorporated into every BORLA Exhaust for the street, providing 7-10% Increased Horsepower and Torque when you plant your foot, and improved gas mileage at cruising speeds.


Every BORLA Header and Cat-Back™ System is made from:
  • Aircraft-Quality T-304 Stainless Steel  - (which is superior to 409 or aluminized steel).
  • Mandrel-Bent Tubing.
  • All-Welded construction.
  • Warp-free 3/8"--1/2" thick flanges.
  • Designed for Accurate Fit and Easy Installation.

Borla’s 30 years of experience, and special Merge Collector Technology provide the ULTIMATE in Power and Endurance!


Millions of exhaust systems are replaced every year due to corrosion and poor performance. Elements such as corrosive salts, moisture and mud contribute to exterior deterioration - while automotive exhaust deteriorate the interior exhaust walls.

A mix of carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, unburned hydrocarbons and moisture, the exhaust gases emitted from through the exhaust condenses and attacks the system internally.

These elements combined with equipment vibration, high temperatures, emission control requirements, uneven road surfaces, and varying traffic patterns make it easy to understand the need and demand for a long-lasting exhaust system.

And that’s where stainless steel comes in.

By producing exhaust systems made from stainless steel, BORLA SYSTEMS are built to withstand these destructive conditions. In fact - Borla’s Street Exhausts are Guaranteed for a Million Miles!


Today, choosing performance exhaust can be confusing. A common misconception is that "bigger is better". Many enthusiasts, and manufacturers too, seem to feel that very large diameter pipes are the only way to go for muscle car performance.

BORLA, however, has found that for street use, big pipes for street use, actually takes energy out of the exhaust, both by slowing down exhaust gas velocity and by cooling off the gases.

And while exhaust may leave the port at 1500 degrees or more, at the tailpipe it’s down to 150 degrees -- a sign energy has been lost.
So, while big pipes may seem to be the solution to increased power, it’s the velocity and uninterrupted flow that are the real performance-making factors.

That’s why BORLA Exhaust Systems are designed for less restriction, keeping the velocity and frequency high so the main sound is behind the tailpipe.


A common sight on show cars as well as the hottest street cars around the world are BORLA’S unique and trademarked Intercooled Tips™. And yes, they do give you’re MINI a unique and classy look, but in reality… their tips ALSO provide another energy producing function - they’re tuned for sound.

According to Borla’s engineering department, they try to engineer the "Borla sound into every aspect of their products."

Why an engineered sound?

Because pipes that function in a low frequency range actually steals energy from your exhaust (another disservice created by big pipes) and creates an uncomfortable roaring or droning sound you can feel inside the car). BORLA’s uniquely design pipes and Intercooled Tips eliminate that low frequency, keeping the velocity and frequency high so the main sound is behind the tailpipe.


Borla offers the broadest line of emissions legal exhaust; and, as long as the OEM catalytic converter location is maintained, installation of a BORLA will not affect your factory warranty.

It is recommended to have your BORLA professionally installed; however, if you choose to do it yourself, anticipate approximately two hours for a system install and approximately six hours for header installation. Compare the shipment contents with the ship list before you begin, and make sure the tip(s) line up, working and tightening toward the front of the vehicle.

BORLA supports "Tread Lightly!" and reminds you: When you go off-highway, go easy on the environment.