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MINI Cooper Sunshades & Application Guide

The front windshield sunshade is a 'must have' item if your MINI sits in the hot sun outside - it's not just a comfort issue - modern plastics and interior leather will degrade over time with direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays (UV rays)  and heat.  By using a sunshade to limit the exposure, your interior will last longer before showing signs of deterioration and age.

The MINI Cooper Sunshade has several main functions:

  • Keeps the interior cooler
  • Keeps the UV rays off the dashboard, preventing long term damage
  • Allows some privacy for the interior

The Sunroof Sunshade provides a unique function where the factory built-in sunroof shade falls short - it keeps all of the sun off your head and shoulders.  Be more comfortable with these sunroof sunshades!  This product can be especially important for those that are sensitive to sun or have health issues with the sun.  Attached with simple silicone suction cups - you can install and forget it's there!


Use the below guide to see which sunshade best meets your needs.


Windshield Sunshades

Sunroof and Rear Window Sunshades


Rear Window



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