Gift Certificate Redemption FAQs

Q: Can I redeem a Mini Mania Gift Certificate on-line?

  1. A. Yes. Click on the "REDEEM GIFT CERTIFICATE" button to redeem your Gift Certificate.  This will be found at the bottom of the checkout form.
    A box will appear prompting you to enter the information from the gift certificate.

  2. Enter the amount as printed on the gift certificate, the customer number and the gift certificate number in the fields provided.

  3. Press the "SUBMIT" button in the gift certificate redemption popup box.
  5. *The gift certificate redemption item number (GIFTREDEEM) will appear as separate line item in your shopping cart with the details that you entered in the Gift Certificate Redemption fields.  However, the amount will remain -0- in the amount column until we have verified the gift certificate amount and number and ensure that it has not previously been redeemed.

  6. If you have more than one gift certificate repeat the process above.
    You will need to submit each gift certificate separately.

  7. Each gift certificate number you enter will be checked for validity and correctness once you submit your order for processing.
    *Once your order is submitted through our secure web servers the Gift Certificate amount(s) will be validated and applied as a credit on your account against your order total.  Any unused portion of your Gift Certificate will remain as a credit on your account for a period of one year. 

  8. Continue the Secure Checkout process.
    On the Order Confirmation and Billing Information page, review your order information for accuracy. Select a shipping Method, and enter your Payment Information*

Q: Will my web order reflect the redemption of the gift certificate?
A: At this time our secure web ordering system does not reflect the Gift Certificate amount in your order total. The gift certificate will be processed manually at our warehouse and the credit will be applied at the time of shipment.

Q: Why do I have to give my credit card information when redeeming a Gift Certificate?
 A: Payment Information must be completed even if you are ordering less than the Gift Certificate Amount. Your Credit Card will only be charged for any amount over the value of the redeemed Gift Certificate.

Q: What can I do with my unused Gift Certificate balance? 
 A: After redeeming your Gift Certificate, any remaining balance will remain on your account as a store credit for one year. 





*Gift Certificates have no cash value and any unused portion cannot be refunded to you.