More Minis and the Month of March


            More from the busy Mini life in the month of March.


The 970 and 1275 Cooper S Arrive.

1964. March. The 970 and 1275 Cooper S go on sale, making up the dynamic trio (including the 1071 -- the 1071 was only around for a few more months.) The 1275 was introduced just before the 970. With the 1275’s 76bhp it was almost twice as fast to 60 mph as the Cooper and could reach 100 mph…with a little tail wind. The 970 was down a bit on horsepower (65) and down a lot on torque but was a very smooth, high revving engine. It wouldn’t last long with less than 1000 made.


Down Under Gets the Mini Deluxe

            1965. March. The Mini Deluxe with its 998cc engine, is introduced in Australia. It came with hydrolastic suspension, the Cooper-type remote shift and wind-up windows, years ahead of introduction of wind-ups on the English built saloons.


Hopkirk Adds Another To the Win Column

1965. March. Paddy Hopkirk appropriately wins the Circuit of Ireland in CRX89B


Innocenti Adds a Cooper

            1966. March. Innocenti introduces a 998cc Cooper model.


Hopkirk and the Circuit of Ireland, Again

            1967. March. Paddy Hopkirk wins the Circuit of Ireland, again. This time in GRX5D


Hopkirk Marches On

            1967. March. Paddy Hopkirk drives GRX309D to first in class at the Sebring 3 hour Race.


More Innocenti Cooper

            1968. March. Production stops on the “Mk I” Innocenti Cooper 998cc. Total production was estimated to be around 6,500.


And Even More Innocenti Cooper

            1968. March. Running changes started that made the Mk I Cooper a Mk II Cooper. It was produced through September. (Approx. 2,500 in total estimated.)


Goodbye OZ Deluxe “Mk I”

            1969. March. Production stopped on the Australian Mini Deluxe Mk I.


The Kangaroo Hops Onto the Scene

1969. March. The Australian Mini Deluxe Mark II K (known as the Mini K – for Kangaroo) was introduced at $1,780AUS. The Mini K came with a 1098cc engine, an optimistic, 120mph Cooper S speedometer, a full synchro gearbox and an alternator. It was also the last round nose Mini version introduced in Australia.



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