You Can Expect More Oil Changes During Winter

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As winter rolls on there’s always something we need for our MINI.

It could be the simple things like windshield wipers. Or it could be bigger things like new tires.

During these cold months we mainly focus on safety and trying to keep our MINI from freezing over and making sure that we can operate our vehicle as best as we possibly can, as we all should.

One of the things all drivers should know is how important it is to change their oil during winter. And it should be changed more often.

If you pay attention to your oil change reminder during the winter you might’ve realized that those reminder intervals come up more frequent.

During winter, water and fuel can be very harmful to your car.

The moisture on the engine block and cylinder heads can become heavier and the water can end up in your oil. One way to prevent this is to warm your Mini up more by driving for longer periods.

Fuel can make its way to your engine the same way. And with burnt out spark, worn out ignition systems, and the winter weather you shouldn’t be surprised to see the unburned oil.

Water in the oil can cause oil leaks and seal failures, whereas fuel in you oil can thin out the oil, eliminating the lubrication and protection that the oil provides. And at the end of the day it can end up becoming an expensive trip to your mechanic.

So to make sure your MINI makes it through this winter with minimal spending on repair bills make sure to change your oil and oil filters if you haven’t yet. The price it takes to get your oil and oil filters changed will be a lot less than what it might become if you ignore it.