Finally got the LeMons mini (LeMini) on the dyno last night (this morning! home just about 3am!) and got some numbers. Not that they mean a whole lot, but I got the fueling a bit better sorted.

The first runs were as we raced the car at Buttonwillow-- about 51hp with a 123 dizzy in it (because we fried the  lumenition that was in our regular dizzy) and an odd needle/jet setup because we had carb adjustment issues. It was bog rich down low then leaned out massively up top-- about 14.5-15 A/F ratio at WOT from about 4500rpms up to 6Kish. Probably only reason we didn't burn anything up at the track was because we were running a mix of 110 race fuel in with the 91 pump gas-- about a 30% mix of race gas, if I remember.

My first time playing with needles on a dyno myself-- but I wasn't operating the throttle-- they were. They'd take it up to about 2K (after the car got the 2800lb dyno drum rolling-- a dynojet, if anyone cares) and then go WOT. That's it. No part throttle readings or anything. Just mash it to the floor and wait for it to spin up.

First I put the regular dizzy in it with a pertronix setup (no vaccum hooked up) and timed it in and ended up with the same HP as the 123 (but timing jumped around more under the timing light check). Played around with different needles I had, but was not getting any positive results or the results I expected from the needle changes-- the profile just pretty much kept looking the same. Ended up just putting the original needle back in it (BDL), leaning the whole thing out as much as the jet would allow (nearly up to the bridge) and then filing the last 3rd of the needle or so to richen up the top end. Time grew short, I grew weary from all the fumes and lack of sleep the past couple of days, and we called it a night with a "good enough to probably not blow up".

Kept losing engine rpm signal, which is why it's graphed using wheel speed. Wheels are TALL 12" wheels (colways rally tires --needed the ground clearance to get on/off trailer and dyno) and it's running a 3.44 FD. Pulls were in 2nd gear so we were topping out at about 60-65mph in 2nd gear at probably 5500-6000rpms.

Here's a graph. Not sure why I didn't get torque numbers on the printouts. Will have some video up at some point, I hope. Check back.