Seatbelt Adapter Aka, “the Chime Defeat” adapter, this simple clip stops your MINI from complaining about heavy items on your passenger seat. Install this clip and be done with the annoying warnings!
(Part number G2NMI7346)
Commute Mate Cell-Cup Commute Mate Cell-Cup Handy, huh? Easily fits into any standard MINI cupholder, providing a secure location for your cell phone, note pad and pens. Molded, tapered compartments grab and hold phones, music players and other loose items. An access hole in the base makes it easy to charge while you drive.
(Part number NMI4050)
Italian Leather Armrest/Storage/Cupholder Italian Leather Armrest/Storage/Cupholder Add a little extra comfort, storage, and style – molto bello! Easy to install and designed for a MINI without a factory armrest, the assembly can be 'flipped up' out of the way when not in use. Installation is simple, mouting into the rear cup holder with only three screws.
(Part number G2NMI4016)
Glove Box Organizer Glove Box Organizer Easy-peasy. The MINI has a nice large glove box but, like any glove box, the contents tend to 'swim' around into a jumbled mess. This organizer adds a shelf with elastic straps to secure the contents - call it 'safety belts' for your goodies!
(Part number G2NMI2002)
Ultimate Cupholder Ultimate Cupholder What makes it “ultimate”? Clearance for shifting, glove box door access, unrestricted leg room and no interference with seat operation. The mounting bracket utilizes a special high-strength adhesive strong enough to support even extra large cups on rough roads. (A screw can be added for extra support). Also included: the proper method of removal to prevent *any* damage to interior sufaces.
(Part number G2NMI4150)