This budget kit is for use when purchasers are capable of drilling their existing stainless steel bumper. The overiders and corner bars are the exact original shape of early MK1 Minis and Coopers and should not be confused with inferior designs. If you are not capable of drilling the holes in the bumper correctly please DO NOT PROCEED, we cannot be held liable. Stainless steel bumpers with the holes in the correct place are available as 14A9871.

This kit will fit all Mini saloons upto 1996, but if a rear fog lamp is fitted (started 1983 on some models) the lamp must be relocated as the overider will foul. A bracket is available for this modification under part number MSSK030.

                2            R/H overider               14A9923
                2            L/H overider                14A9924
                2            Front long bar             14A9877/8
                2            Rear short bar             14A9919/20
                1            Fitting kit                   MSSK10