SUBJECT: primary gear clearance

NOTE: Chuck or Don, I hope you can give me some direction. The clearance on my primary gear is .021 inches do i need to replace the front and rear primary gear bushings? thanks for your help. 



   .021" is about 3 times the maximum allowed. There are only four pieces that could be the problem. Primary gear thrust washer, primary gear rear bushing, and/or the two retaining clips. Make sure everything is in place in the proper orientation.

   Start by measuring the primary gear thrust washer and compare it to thicknesses of some of those on the site. How does it compare? Unlikely to be the problem, but easy to check and easy to fix!
   If that doesn't give you a clue, it is likely you will need a new rear bushing in the primary gear. We may be able to tell if you could send a photo or two of the gear.