Priority Mods for Engine Performance
From the book "Mini Restoration Manual by Haynes"

"The simplest and easiest way to make a Mini go faster is to fit one of the bigger engines to it. You must, at the same time, consider the problems of stopping the car, cornering and cooling. However, you may not want to throw your engine out; you may want to retain it but simply make it a little more powerful.

Both of the smaller Mini engines benefit most of all from a change of cylinder head. The 948cc Sprite MkII/Midget MkI head would offer real improvement, always assuming you could find one, but the 1098 'Spridget' head would be better still.

In each case you would have to measure the volume of the combustion chamber and calculate the compression ratio before working out how much to have skimmed from the head in order to obtain a compression ratio that is not so low that you are losing lots of potential performance."

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