Instructions for programming spare keys on your Gen 1 MINI built on or after 07/2004.

This information is provided as a courtesy to our customers.  We strongly recommend that you have your MINI dealer program your keys, but if you choose to attempt this procedure, proceed at your own risk.


R50 (Cooper), R52 (Convertible), R53 (Cooper S) from 07/04 production

Remote control bar codes are no longer supplied with new vehicles

On vehicles produced 07/2004 and later, a new remote initialization procedure is required.

Initialize remote key as follows:

1.) Close all doors

2.) Switch the ignition switch to KL-R (first turn), switch back off within 5 seconds and remove the key

3.) Within 30 seconds, press and HOLD the unlock button and at the same time, press and release the lock button (3) times. (Must be completed within 10 seconds)

4.) Release both buttons. The doors will lock/unlock to signal a successful initialization.

5.) If additional keys need to be initialized, repeat steps 3-4 within 30 seconds

6.) Switching the ignition to KL-R completes the initialization


NOTE:  If you successfully program your new key and you lose functionality with your old key, repeat the process and program all your keys during step #3.