Mini Cooper Quick Release Bonnet Hinge Kit. Make your hood easily removable and maintain the correct fitment/adjustment of the hood when replacing.

Mark position of existing hinges on bonnet then remove bonnet by undoing the retaining nuts.

Remove the hinges from the bulkhead fittings.

Install the keepers on the bulkhead fittings with the AN4-7A bolts, washers and self locking nuts as indicated in the accompanying figure. Note that the keeper is on the outside of the fitting and that the bow of the keeper is also outboard. Tighten nut until end play is removed. Do not over tighten.

Align the new hinges with the markings on the bonnet and attach the hinges with the 1/4" dia. bolts, washers, lockwashers and nuts provided.

To install bonnet, rotate keepers downward against the bulkhead, engage the slots of the new hinges with the bolts in the fittings and retain by rotating the keepers to engage the heels of the hinges. Press inward on the bow of the keepers to facilitate engagement.

Close bonnet carefully and check positioning. Readjust bonnet on hinges as required. When acceptable fit is achieved torque retaining nuts to 84 in-lbs.

To remove bonnet, raise and support it then free keepers by rotating them downward toward the bulkhead.

                                                             KIT # C-CHZ530-1 PARTS LIST

PART NO.                            DESCRIPTION                                                 QTY./KIT

9M0009                                 BONNET HINGE, QR., MKIII, LH                            1
9M0010                                 BONNET HINGE, QR., MKIII, RH                           1
9M0011                                 Q.R. HINGE KEEPER                                              2
AN4-7A                                  BOLT, AIRCRAFT, 1/4-28X.91                               2
HF0405                                  HEX BOLT, GR 5, 1/4-28                                        4
NP1041                                  HEX NUT, GR 5, 1/4-28                                        4
NL1042                                  SELF LOCKING NUT, GR 5, 1/4-28, LO-TEMP      2
WL2041                                 LOCKWASHER, 1/4 I.D.                                        4
WS3041                                 SAE WASHER, 1/4 I.D.                                          8
AN960-416L                           WASHER, AIRCRAFT, 1/4 I.D., LIGHT                  2