Installation Instructions

Read this instruction sheet thoroughly and check kit inventory before starting installation!! Remember, if you have a 1500 Midget, this kit will not work!!

After installing this kit, depending on the age of the car and individual variation, you may find you can no longer use the stock shift housing cover. If so, it is recommended that you use the shift gaiter and vinyl cover as used in the 1500 Midget: P/N CHA69, vinyl shifter cover.


Remove the shift knob, Unscrew the self-tapping screws securing the gear lever cover and remove the cover.

Back off the anti-rattle plunger cap, undo the three retainer plate bolts and remove the retainer plate and gear lever. Clean the retainer plate for later installation.

Remove the anti-rattle spring and plunger from the gearlever turret and re-install the plunger cap.

Note: The spring and plunger, the three short retainer plate bolts and washers and the stock gear lever are not used for this conversion. You may choose to discard them, save them for a swap meet, or, should the need arise, they may make good fishing sinkers.

Remove the locater peg from the gearlever turret. Plug the hole in the turret with the short HF0404 bolt and WL2041 Lockwasher. Make sure that the head of the bolt is below the base of the turret so as not to interfere with the base of the adapter socket.

Install a TRS710 O-ring in the groove of the 3S1001 Gear Lever and apply a light coat of grease to the small and large "ball" regions of the lever, including the locating groove in the large ball.

Place the 3S0002 Adapter Socket on the face of the turret with the hemispherical recess up and with the locator peg directly above the plug in the turret. Do not install the spacer provided at this time.

Insert the lever in the socket engaging the locater peg in the slot in the lever, slip the retainer plate over the lever and attach it and the adapter socket to the turret with the three long HF0414 bolts, and WL2041 washers as illustrated in Figure 1. If you are unable to fully tighten the three mounting bolts, you have a "Smoothcase" shift extension housing on your transmission (which is not unusual if your transmission has been upgraded from the "smoothcase" to a "Ribcase") and you must install the spacer provided between the adaptor socket and the shift housing.   
Re-install the gear lever retainer and gear shift knob.

Parts List: C-22G328

Ref. No      Part No         Description                                        Qty/kit

1                3S1001         Gear lever, Quick shift                         1
2                3S0002         Adapter socket, Quick Shift                   1
3                HF0404         Bolt, 1/4-28 x .50", gr5                         1
4                HF0414         Bolt, 1/4-28 x 1.75", gr5                        3
5                WL2041       Lockwasher, 1/4                                  4
6                TRS710       O-ring                                                    1
7                3S0003         Smoothcase spacer                               1