For 2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Coooper S Hardtops, and 2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertibles.


Thermostat begins to open at 89-92° C (192° F - 198° F) and is fully open at 103° C (217° F).

Expansion Tank Cap Cap pressurizes the system to 1.1 bar (16 psi) at which point the cap valve will lift to relieve pressure. (Cooper S only)

Radiator Fan

Radiator Fan is a nine bladed fan measuring 400mm in diameter, driven by a 350 watt motor controlled by the EMS2000.

Low speed is switched on at 105°C (221° F) coolant temp and off when the temperature drops to 101°C (214° F).

High speed is switched on at 112° C (234° F) and remains on until the system coolant temperature drops by 4° C (39° F) at which point the system will revert to Low Speed.

The cooling fan will also operate on Low Speed when the Air Conditioning is switched on and system pressure reaches 8 bar (116 psi). Should the Air Conditioning system pressure rise to 18 bar (261 psi), the fan will automatically run on the High Speed.