The RC40 system is ready made to fit the original Cooper and Cooper ‘S’ exhaust manifold. This also applies when fitting an RC40 to the maniflow freeflow manifold C-STR816. When fitting to any LCB varieties the flared part of the downpipe (1) needs to be cut off, (NOTE: will only fit inside LCB ‘Y’ piece of 1.875" (47.63mm) inside diameter). As there are many variants of LCB manifolds and cars there is no fixed length to cut off. Always ensure bracket supplied with exhaust manifold is fitted to differential side cover to avoid manifold breakage. With the LCB fitted, hang the rear box section and slide the down pipe into it. Then allowing for sufficient pipe to enter the LCB, cut off the flared end. Always ensure that the downpipe enters the exhaust boxes in a level position, by twisting until it feels and looks correct. ie: it the down pipe end is pointing slightly upwards or downward, it will encourage breakage of the exhaust brackets with engine movement. The exhaust hangs on the car, but severe movement from engine rock or badly positioned downpipes could cause bracket failure. FITTING EXTRA ENGINE STABILIZERS IS RECOMMENDED. If a catalyst is fitted use a single box system C-STR809 only with a special pipe AN181T which fits from catalyst to rear box. A pipe with a knuckle joint from the LCB to the catalyst is C-AEG370. NOTE: CATALYST CARS REQUIRE SPECIAL LCB - DETERMINED BY CARBURETTOR OR FUEL INJECTION.