Sprint Booster is an electronic device that modifies the throttle curve for increased performance that makes your car 'feel' more powerful. The stock system is designed for 'smoothness' and fuel economy while the Sprint Booster makes your MINI more 'fun' to drive with increased pedal reaction and quicker "take off" performance.

Why is the Sprint Booster so effective?
Modern cars use a 'drive-by-wire' technology where the throttle is operated electronically instead of using a cable as in the past. This modern technology introduces an undesirable side effect of a slow throttle lag response and less than impressive off-the-line performance. Sprint Booster overcomes this.

How much horsepower gain can I expect from the Sprint Booster?
Sprint Booster does not increase horsepower. Sprint Booster changes the throttle response in the low to mid rpm range where your car spends a majority of their time. As a result, your car will 'feel' peppier and more powerful.

If it doesn't add horsepower, what good is it?
Horsepower gains usually improves performance in the mid to high rpm range, sometimes with a loss of horsepower and torque in the lower rpm range. The Sprint Booster is designed to improve driveability in the low to mid rpm range where most MINIs are driven on a daily basis. Sprint Booster puts the 'fun' back into daily driving.

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Is the Sprint Booster a software product?
Sprint Booster is a hardware based product. It installs easily between the accelerator pedal module and the harness. The Sprint Booster can be installed in about 10 minutes with most cars and can be restored to stock just as easily.

Why is the Sprint Booster so expensive?
Actually, the Sprint Booster is very cost effective. Some customers reported their Sprint Booster 'feels' just as powerful as a software upgrade which costs $100's of dollars more.  AND research has shown that with less throttle lag and more effective pedal responsiveness, you actually save on gas.  No more constant adjusting your pedal to counter the lag in your stock ECU.  Instead, when you set the pedal.... it stays there.

Why should I buy ECU upgrades if the Sprint Booster is so good?
The Sprint Booster is designed to greatly improve the everyday driving experience. ECU upgrades have a clear advantage when driving on the track where you can continuously drive your car in the mid to high rpm range - this is where the horsepower increase really makes a difference. Sprint Booster is for the daily commute or trip to the store, ECU upgrades are better for track or competitive driving. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from adding this to your ECU upgraded car for an all-around performance gain!

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