For the past four years, Neil Preston has been working on this project: a twin engined Cooper S. Check out the specs. Mini Spares had the fortune of Mr. Preston stopping by and we were able to get the following pictures.


Body shell Extensively modified 1965 Mk1 Cooper S
Enigines 2x 1275 Cooper S with H4 carbs, 544 cams, lightened flyweheels
Transmissions Straight cut gearsets, 3.44:1 diffs
Suspension Standard dry cone Mk1 Mini, twin front subframes
Brakes Two sets of Cooper S discs, no servo
Wheels & Tires 1960s Minilites with Goodyear 6800 Rally Special tires
Lighting BMC works-type lamp bar with Lucas 700 spot and fog lamps
Interior Mk1 Cooper S with works panelled-in dashboard, dual instruments, six-point rollcage with sill bars and extra crossmembers
Performance Estimated 90 bhp x 2 at the flywheels 0-60 mph in an estimated seven seconds; estimated top speed is 100 mph @ 7000 rpm in forth gear
Red Austin Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S with twin engines

2 engines in a Mini Cooper S

Front engine Mini Cooper S

Rear engine Mini Cooper S

Twin gearshift Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S with twin engines