Hi Gang, it's Brendan from Sprint Booster and I want to show you something. We've been having some folks sending, returning some units because they're not connecting their Sprint Boosters correctly.

So we want to show you, actually, in our Test Bed Car, we want to show how to plug these Sprint Boosters in properly.

OK- now this, the car that we're installing this in, just happens to be a 2007 Cooper S-so it's a Gen2 car. So, this doesn't fit the newest of the Sprint Boosters, but it does do all the Gen2 and Gen1 Cars.

So this is for MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S, and this particular one happens to be a Manual Transmission- as you can see there is the Stick Shift, the Car actually does have a Clutch.

Now, this is the Wiring Harness that comes and goes down to the pedal. We've removed the pedal so we have a little bit more room in here. You're going to take a look at this at the end of the switch.

Now, you'll notice that it has numbered pins, and where the numbered pins go, but you're going to find that on this end of the Sprint booster the Pins aren't numbered. You're also going to notice that you can plug in the Sprint Booster, on this side, both ways.

There's a hard way and there's an easy way but what I want you to look at is- I want you to look at this profile. You'll notice there's a curved part on the top here and then on the bottom, it's flat.

OK, so there's a slight curve to the top and then on the bottom it's flat. You'll notice that where you plug your Sprint Booster in, you have a curved bit on the top and you have a flat bit on the bottom.

And that's the orientation that you want to do- flat to flat and round to round. Don't worry about the Pins, because the Pins actually don't matter, if you notice they're in sort of a trapezoid pattern, but watch what happens when I flip this the other way, the pattern is identical.

So you can plug this in backwards. If you do you'll get an engine light and you will have no Throttle. So you plug it in the wrong way, even though the pins will line up, they will not be bent- they will go in, but you won't get any Throttle Pedal.

So there's a flat part and there's a round part, and I'll show you exactly how these go together. I'm just going to set my camera down here and going to place it as well as I can, so that you can see what we're doing.

So again, this is the non-Pedal end, ok, so this is the Wiring Harness end of where you're going to connect your Sprint Booster.

Now, and you'll notice, you can see we've got the curved part on the top and then the flat part on the bottom.

OK, and we've got the flat part of our Sprint Booster, and we're going to go flat to flat and round to round, you see that? Now you'll notice there's no resistance at all. It'll plug right in, it'll just go and you can hear the clicks. You can also see on the side that it's been positively clipped into the harness just like that. To release it, you pinch up at the top and then it easily comes apart.

Now I'm going to plug this in the wrong way you'll notice that initially there's going to be a little bit of resistance.

So it doesn't seem like it wants to go but if you give it a little bit of a persuasion-not much, you'll notice, you'll get it plugged in. Now if you look on the side you'll see that the tab is slightly off-we're talking about this area right here. You'll notice how it doesn't quite go into the tab, but a lot of people don't realize and that's the way that they leave it. That will give you no Throttle Pedal Control at all.

So we're going to undo this, I'm going to show you the two profiles again and they are going to be lined up the way that they go in in.

Notice the slight curve to the top and the flat part to the bottom. It's a little hard to see but you'll notice that when these two go together, there's no resistance at all. It goes right in and then it'll also positively click on your clips on both sides.

OK, so that's the correct orientation. We have this round part that goes over the round part of the Sprint Booster, and then the flat part is on the flat part, OK?

Now, I'm going to take this inside and I'm going to show you the pedal end, and the pedal end is a little easier to figure out because if you, you can actually count the pins because the pins are numbered on the Sprint Booster end as you can see here, right?

You can see the numbers- it's upside down, but you can see the numbers and then the pins on the Throttle Pedal are actually numbered so you can't make a mistake, and you can also see that on the pedal there is a little plastic bit that goes into this and indexes in, so you can't really mistake how that goes.

But we'll show you that part too, so keep watching.

OK- here we have a Throttle Pedal an accelerator, Gas Pedal from a Mini Cooper. This is the connection that we were talking about over here, and this is the one that accepts the one side of the Sprint Booster and then the other goes into the harness that you unplugged from this, right-Sprint Booster goes in between.

What we want you to see, if you take a look inside there, one of the things that you're going to notice is that there is-sort of a little plastic arm that sticks out- and if you can see that, it's over in this area, over down the bottom there, and that little plastic bit indexes into the slot right there-see that slot right there-that's where it goes.

And you also notice you have numbers and so all of those numbers can also be lined up with the pins that are sticking out of there and you can line that up that way.

OK -As you can see you can tell how these are numbered-you can see the numbers, they give you a really good indication of how that goes in there and so if you just line up those pins with the holes and keep in mind that little bit of plastic that needs to be indexed in there over by the number 3 pin and that should be fine.

So, I'll show you how this goes in. I'm trying to get this is as close as I can and there's the orientation. You can see that there's the slot we're talking about right there and so that goes in because it's going to be on this side that goes in and then you'll notice that when there's no resistance and when you press it in and get a nice click. That's the way it's done on Throttle Pedal side.

Usually, the Serial Number Sticker is going to be sticking towards the outside. Now of course manufacturing procedures change and they might change that sometime in the future but I know that, right now anyway, when that stickers showing, then that's the correct way of doing it. Just see that it slides and very nicely, just like that.

If there's ever a question, take a look at it and look at the numbers, look at where the slot is and line all that stuff up. You can see the numbers inside there, of the pins, so just line the hole up with the numbered Pin and you're all set.

That's the way you do it, actually, on the Throttle Pedal. So then once you have the Pedal connected, and of course, we have this removed obviously for convenience sake to do the video.

This is the part that, of course, will plug in to the Wiring Harness as it hangs down from the Dashboard. We showed you how the flat part and the round part of this plug indexes into the other. These pins on this side are not numbered so you can't go by that and you can plug it in backwards, if you give it a little bit of force.

So you have to make sure to line up the flat side in the round side and it should go right in. You get a nice positive "click" on to these tabs. You're going to want to make sure that you're doing this correctly before you try to return these. The problem is that if you have it reversed, you can get this side connected correctly but if this side is flipped 180 degrees, you'll get no Throttle.

Do it the one way, you get the benefits of the Sprint Booster to remap the Throttle, do it the other way you're going to get an Engine Light. You won't be able to have any throttle control, your Engine won't start, or your Engine will start but you won't be you won't have any Throttle control.

So, that's something that you need to check on your Mini Coopers, before you decide that the unit is defective. A lot of people, what they'll do is, they'll end up disconnecting this and try to seat it again but since they keep putting it in the same orientation, they'll say well we've tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and that didn't work.

The reason is because they need to unplug it this way, turn it, and then plug it back in. You shouldn't receive any resistance on this end at all. It should just go right in. If you feel any resistance as it tries to go in flip it around.