Performance Stage Kits for
Gen2 MINIs: R55 - R56 - R57 - R58 - R59 - R60 - R61

  • R55 - 2008-2014 Clubman S and Non S
  • R56 - 2007-2013 Hatchback/Hardtop S and Non S
  • R57 - 2009-2015 Convertible S and Non S
  • R58 - 2012-2015 Coupe S and Non S
  • R59 - 2012-2015 Roadster S and Non S
  • R60 - 2011-2016 Countryman S and Non S and All4
  • R61 - 2013-2016 Paceman S and Non S and All4

What Exactly Is A "Stage Kit"?

Stage kits will save you time and effort when you choose from our wide selection. The Mini Mania stage kits have been designed with 40 years of background of Mini and MINI tuning and racing. We have taken the guesswork out of the wide array of upgrade options available for your MINI. Stage Levels (stage 1, stage 2, etc.) are used to differentiate the different 'levels' of performance gains. Each higher stage level will have slightly more components in the kit and will produce a proportionate increase in performance. Each higher stage kit will increase in 'difficulty' of installation.

Browse our selection of Stage Kits for your Gen2 MINI below.

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