Your brakes are the primary safety system for your vehicle.
They're even more important if you're carrying and/or carrying any kind of load.

Check out these TOP Brake Tips and learn when it might be time for replacement brakes and what our TOP parts Part Experts recommend to help keep you safe on the road.

Why are brakes important?
• Ensures optimal braking performance
• Contributes to proper vehicle control
• Helps maintain vehicle safety
• Maximizes stopping power and improves stopping distance

Indicators replacement brakes may be needed:

• Increased stopping distance
• Excessive brake noise
• Abnormal brake pedal feel
• Pulling or vibration during braking
• Excessive brake dust on wheels
• Genuine MINI Brake Pads

Check Brakes & Brake Fluid:

Typically, the front brake pads will last between 30,000 and 60,000 miles, depending on how the vehicle is used and driven. Your brakes will normally send you warning signs that should alert you to the need to be looked at. Even if your brakes don't send out these signals yet, you should still look at them and check that everything is fine.

One thing many mechanics have overlooked is the condition of the brake fluid. Using a large flat blade (screwdriver or popsicle stick) lightly scrape the bottom of the brake tank. Remove the scraper and check for the buildup of the sludge. If this is excessive, you should completely flush your brake fluid with fresh fluid. Brake fluid absorbs moisture and any droplets of water in the system can boil in extreme heat and cause air bubbles, leading to a spongy brake pedal and poor braking performance.