The Legacy of John Cooper

Much like the Mini itself, John Cooper’s legacy is timeless. John Cooper, the creator of the rear-engine F! Cooper-Climax and the Mini Cooper was a former racecar driver and in collaboration with Mini designer Sir Alec Issigonis developed a variety of design concepts for the Mini with more powerful engine options. This partnership birthed a racing legacy that experienced three outright victories in the 1960s at the Monte Carlo Rally that ushered in the creation of the high-performance Mini Copper in 1961.

John Cooper was awarded the Commander of the Most Excellent Order (CBE) of the British Empire for his services to the motor industry. His company was the first British motor racing manufacturer to win the Formula One constructors' championship, which it achieved two years running.

The legacy’s of John Cooper and the Mini Cooper are eternally tied together and give this unique car a special DNA that its drivers continue to respond to decade after decade. This unique creation of car DNA is highlighted in this Sky Sport docu-film about John Cooper titled “Genius And Works.” Check out the video below and learn how this unique car influenced British Pop culture in the 70’s and became an international icon for life.