Why It's Important to Select Your Car

For Classic Mini, Spridget or Morris...

1. Simply click on the button  “Shop By Car” and select your car type below.

2. Select your car.

3. Click on “Continue shopping with this car”. 

4. Click "Continue"  on the verification pop up.

And You Are Done.  You will be taken to the Mini Mania website that matches your car!


If you drive a New BMW/MINI 

1. Click on the button  “Shop By Car” and select the Red MINI and you'll see a series of tabs open.  (Year, Model, Body and Transmission)

2. Select the Year.

3. Select the Model.

4. Select the Body.

5. Select the Transmission. 

6. Hit the green button Set Car & Continue Shopping and you’re done.

And now, with your car selected, the only parts you’ll see on our site, are the parts that fit your car.

Simple as that.