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Getting the Maximum from Your New MINI Cooper Part 4
Created: November 18, 2013
MOTORING: Getting the Maximum from Your New MINI Part 4,Competitive Motoring
When Going Faster Becomes a Passion
Created: November 12, 2013
When Going Faster Becomes a Passion If you’ve taken the opportunity to take your MINI out on a road race course for club track days, or gone autocrossing as a novice in order to learn more about your car’s capabilities and improve your own driving skills, you’ve probably discovered how much fun th...
A Primer for Novice MINI Cooper Racers
Created: November 12, 2013
A Primer for Novice Racers No book can begin to give you all the information you need to be competitive on the race track, much less the experience that makes the real difference. You’re going to need to attend several days of race driving school, with classroom sessions interspersed with on-track ...
MINI Cooper Competition Upgrades
Created: November 12, 2013
Competition Upgrades for Your MINI When you get to the point that you want to take your MINI driving to the next level and get seriously involved in autocrossing and track events, you’ll need to add some safety gear to the car to meet most organizations’ requirements. Also, as you reach a point in ...