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MINI Cooper Camber Adjustment
Created: January 26, 2015
Adding Negative Camber to the Front or Rear of the MINI van result in notable improvement in better cornering speeds, faster and more comnfortable.
MINI Cooper Power Steering Pump
Created: October 07, 2014
The Power Steering pump is a critical part in your MINI Cooper! Sourcing the best quality parts from the best supplier is also critical- MiniMania.com
Created: May 24, 2011
U.S. safety regulators have upgraded an investigation into almost 60,000 BMW (BMWG.DE) Mini cars for a potential steering problem associated with five minor crashes.
Created: May 06, 2008
Improving the steering response of your MINI Cooper is as simply as bolting on the Mini Mania exclusive Precision Steering Amplifier.
MINI Cooper Precision Steering Amplifier Install Instructions
Created: March 29, 2018
Dramatically improve handling with the Precision Steering Amplifier, which improves suspension geometry by reducing roll center movement in MINI Coopers with stock and modified suspensions. Fits 02-06 R50 MINI Cooper, R53 Cooper S Hatchback, 05-08 R52 MINI Convertibles. Minimum 17" wheels required. (Will fit 16" wheels if the ball joint stud is shortened.)