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Mini : 3-Piece custom 5x10 racing wheels for any 10 : New
  • Price:US $900
  • Make:Mini
  • Ad Type:Part
  • Created on:Aug 22, 2019
  • Modified on:Aug 22, 2019
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NEW Custom made 3-piece 10x5" aluMINIum wheels. This set of four was custom made by Kodiak Wheels to fit a 165x10 tire on disk brake hubs while keeping the rubber inside the body line, thus preserving the go-cart like steering that makes a Mini so enjoyable to chuck around. They did this by making the smallest possible outside shell, then mounting the billet CNC machined centre on the outside face. These wheels come with nitrited CNC machined sleeve nuts. You can't find a lighter or prettier wheel.
Shipping by ground anywhere in North America.
From:  chichm
To: thewerewolf
Posted: Aug-24-19 11:06 AM 
Originally Posted by chichm
I would go $550 USD on these.. later bc
I'd rather turn them into pop cans than sell them to you.
From:  chichm
To: nippycars
Posted: Aug-27-19 09:04 AM 
Originally Posted by chichm
Hi, A friend in Niagra pointed me toward your ad, I’m searching for an S engine, is this something you’d have?? I’d be interested in the S you have on the ad if it’s available.
Many thanks,
The answer is more complicated than yes or no. I have a 1070 S engine on SSCR gearbox that is intended for a project which will probably never happen, but I expect you're after a 1275 cc engine. I do have the fuel injected 8-port engine for sale right now in one of my other ads.

Next year I will have my '65 Cooper S for sale, and that of course has an engine in it ;-)
From:  chichm
Posted: Aug-27-19 09:07 AM 
Originally Posted by chichm

Thank you for the reply. The wheels sound like a nice addition to any car.

What would it cost for shipping to 95037? When you have time xould you send photos of all 4 rims to [email protected]?

Any dents, dings, scratches, or bends?

Thank you for your time.

Ted Pierson
shipping by FedEx ground is around $75

There are no scratches or dents as they have never been mounted, and in fact, three have never been removed from the box, so the photo you see on the ad is identical to the others.
From:  chichm
Posted: Aug-27-19 09:17 AM 
hi Dan!

Inside dimension is 8.5" near the split flange, flaring to 9.5" at 2" from the mounting flange.

offset is +0.75"
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