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Mini : 8-port cross flow fuel injection 1293 cc : Used-Good
  • Price:US $11,500
  • Make:Mini
  • Ad Type:Part
  • Created on:Aug 22, 2019
  • Modified on:Aug 22, 2019
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This 1293 cc engine was used on my dynamometer for development of ignition advance curves for the 123 Mini distributor. Following that it was used for fuel injection experimentation using a 5-port aluMINIum cylinder head.The final configuration, as offered here, is an 8-port cross flow fuel injection setup based on an Australian Elder cylinder head. The head is aluMINIum with bathtub shaped combustion chambers and the straightest possible inlet and exhaust ports which flow 120 [email protected] 0.040 lift.
The engine has only ever been used on the dynamometer, fully instrumented and never abused. It’s currently mapped with a 266 degree cam shaft which made just over 100 BHP on 91 octane fuel with a very flat torque curve. The cross-flow head will accept a lot more cam duration if you want more power and can re-map the ECU. It was intended for use in a project car that will never getbuilt, so it’s being offered here. It’s ready to drop into a round nose classic Mini, or other BMC A series project car.
The ignition and fuel map is handled by a DTA ECU which comes with windows software and controller. Because the engine uses a conventional inlet port arrangement, any motorsports ECU can be used.
The engine includes:
Thick flange 1300 block, bored +0.020” for 1293cc displacement
Wedged, lightened, dynamic balanced and QPQ nitrided crankshaft
Lightened, polished and balanced connecting rods with ARP bolts
Hepolite shallow dish pistons for 9.3:1 CR
Kent 266 camshaft and double row timing chain
Smith Brothers chome moly tubular pushrods
Elder 8-port cross-flow head with 1.3/1.15”valves
ARP head studs
Custom made 1:1.5 roller rockers – 0.400” lift
Custom made rocker cover
Custom made tuned length fuel injection manifold– tuned for 3500 RPM
Custom made 4-2-1 exhaust manifold with EGTports and O2 sensor
Custom made crank tone wheel with spline belt drive
DTA E48 ECU with both fuel and ignition map and remote control unit for tuning
ECU wiring harness, relays, high pressure fuel pump and surge tank
DTA software for windows
Shipping by truck anywhere in North America at buyer's expense.
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