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BMW Mini Cooper
Wanted: Classic : Used-Good
  • Price:US $17,500
  • Contact:Butch
  • UserName: moparnut
  • Telephone:904 259 8872
  • E-Mail:Send Seller E-Mail
  • Location:Jacksonville
  • State:FL
  • Country:United States
  • Make:Classic
  • Ad Type:Wanted
  • Created on:Oct 08, 2019
  • Modified on:Oct 08, 2019
  • Other Ads:None

1st off: my "price" is as listed in the Old Cars Price Guide, and is just that... a "starting position". want to swap/trade/replace my 1941 Mercury Eight Sedan for a Classic mini. NO autosticks, no Clubman. My Mercury is STOCK. Bumpers Forward and Stern are sparkling shiny. NO dents/whups/dangs/bullet holes/YIKES/etc. Flathead V8, Orignal Oil Bath Air Cleaner. 3spd manual "on the tree". Beautiful body (wish mine still was). Everything is ORIGINAL EXCEPT: Seat Covers, 12V Alternator. Has a Fulton Sun-Shield Visor, orig Mercury Hubcaps (1 for each wheel!), and Mercury Fender Skirts (1 on each side). Radio. Heater. Trip Meter (in 41!). Steering wheel lock. practically rust free. original Headliner! Great OIL PRESSURE (but only when the engine is running). Vacuum Wipers (work, but slow). Does NOT run hot, even while driving. Tagged, Insured and driven weekly for pleasure/fun. Owner's Manual. Fires right up and steers surprisingly EASY. Dependable/reliable. Beautiful. Engine runs like it should, tranny operates like it should, brakes operate like they should. "Turn Signal is hand only". Solid Trunk, etc. spare tire (which is round). Bumper Jack. I am 78 (so far) and have owned some 14 or more; Estates, Clubman, Cooper, Handicap Van, Van, and a "shorty" convertible. I no longer have pleasure being around females, and I have gotten the "bug" once more for a Classic Mini, which I can get more pleasure out of (and be SAFER too). My Merc is NICE, and I do not want a "project", etc. altho I can work on some of the parts of the dumb dirtyword cotton-picking nose-sucking finger-licking booger bear if needed. I live (in my home) located near Jacksonville Fla, and my Mercury is reliable enuff to drive home.... I have cruised down/on/over I-10 at 65mph easily; but will not go any faster altho the car will but not with me sitting behind the wheel as I am never in a hurry anymore, unless it is to have a private meeting with the Toilet!! Lots of Photos as requested. stay safe. thanks
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