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Mini : NOS Pierce Alum Cyl Head 1275 w many valve parts : New
  • Price:US $1,400
  • Make:Mini
  • Ad Type:Part
  • Created on:Dec 28, 2023
  • Modified on:Jan 31, 2024
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This is an N.O.S. vintage, revised Pierce Aluminium Cylinder Head upgrade with associated performance parts for use on your 1275 A Series and A+ powered Classic Mini, Spridget, Sprite, Midget, and other A Series based cars such as Austin / Morris, British Leyland, Innocenti, Leyland, Authi, Wolseley (Hornet), Riley (Elf), Rover, Austin America & MG 1100, and Triumph Spitfire. These engines can all benefit from an Upgraded & Revised Aluminum Cylinder head and performance valvetrain parts.
A few of the advantages are improved cooling which can allow for higher compression ratios with less detonation caused by localized hot spots, lower weight, and improved airflow (due to moving, and upgrading the recommended plugs to 12mm / Champion RA8HC).
For reference information, this is an aluminum replacement for the 12G940, which was originally, of course, cast iron. For those familiar with the “Smog Head 12G1316”, this is a good replacement as long as you’ll not be running the air injection system (no ports to allow for same.)

Some tech specs are:
New # 99003.*** , a replacement for the 12G940, sometimes aka C-AHT345
16219M casting / or 1G219M
Stamped 0303T by the temp sensor hole
Valvetrain parts listed below include most everything except collets and seals and, with some duplicates, to give you choices for your build.

1.313” dia. / 33mm
Aka #423-190
Exhaust, stellite tip
1.156” dia
Aka # 423-335

Many Iskenderian (Isky) parts such as:
Set of 8 Isky Cam followers/lifters #1626 - “SP002” - AEG580 type quality chilled iron units.
Set of 8 Isky Chrome Moly SP013 5/16” dia Push Rods - 8.703” long

Isky Double valve spring set # 1:
SEN0033 / VWE005
“Orange Spec”

Double valve spring set # 2:
Standard set from Moss

Valve Spring “Seat” Shims set - for against the Aluminum head material

Valve Spring Upper Collars: Iskenderian
M6 007

Valve Spring upper Collars: Rover NOS

High quality set of Manganese-Bronze Valve Guides

Set (for reference only) of used Standard Rover Rockers

the duplicates of some of the valvetrain parts will allow you to choose settings and spring pressures required for your build. You’ll receive all of the valvetrain parts in the picture
Per the head’s provided accompanying paper, the 9 versus 11 head fastener choice must be made and finished by the installer, the torque specs must be matched, the 12mm plugs must be used, and the valve clearances must be followed.

Feel free to ask more questions, and please see my other postings for other Classic Mini / A Series parts. This Pierce Aluminum Cylinder head is also on eBay # 126306855075
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