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Classic Mini Cooper Headlamps

MINI Catalog Page 10-23
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Part No



BHM7196 2
Headlamp assembly without side light (Clubman)
No Longer Available
BHM7198 2
Headlamp assembly left dip sealed beam, with side lamp
Use BHM7198MS
S5819 2
Headlamp assembly, plastic bucket
MS14 2
Metal headlamp bowl
S5400 2
Plastic bowl, inner rim and seal
MS14K 2
Headlamp adjuster kit
BAU2111 2
Bulb holder and connector
GLB501 2
13H3471A 2
Sealed beam unit left dip
S4698B 1
Wipac Quadoptic light kit left dip
S4699B 1
Wipac Quadoptic light kit right dip
S4701 2
Quadoptic light unit left dip
LHD, Use S6011
6014 2
Sealed beam headlamp, Wagner USA
LHD, Use 6024
6024 2
Sealed beam headlamp, Wagner USA, Halogen
MS13 2
Chrome inner ring and lamp retainer
No Longer Available
515218A 2
Inner rim to retain sealed beam
57H5456 2
Headlamp seating rubber
10  ADU4278 1
Rivet, headlamp to wing
11  500929 2
Headlamp rim, Chrome Rover Original
11  500929MS 2
Headlamp rim, Stainless Steel
12  RTC465 2
Headlamp rim screw
13  27H5981A 2
Lucas European head lamp glass, was GLU515
13  XCC10001 2
Headlamp glass unit
Optional 1990 on, Use XBC104430
14  GLB472 2
Halogen headlamp bulb
Optional 1990 on
14  GLB472X 2
Xenon Blue H4 bulb upgrade
15  600226.000 2
Bulb holder (600226A takes GLB410 bulb, L/H/D)
No Longer Available
16  GLB233 2
Side lamp bulb
Optional 1990 on
17  BBU1738 2
Side lamp bulb holder
Optional 1990 on, No Longer Available
18  37H7587 2
Cibie headlamp assembly less rim
No Longer Available
19  37H7589A 2
Cibie light unit was GLU600
No Longer Available
20  GLB410 2
Bulb, also fits 27H5981A European
21  GLB233 2
Pilot light bulb
22  37H7588 2
Cibie lamp rim
No Longer Available
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