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Classic Mini Cooper Mini MKI Saloons 1961 - 67

MINI Catalog Page 11-7
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Part No



Pair of ā€œcā€ post panels
Squab cover - stitched type
Base cover - stitched type
Base cover - stitched type
Squab cover - welded type
Base cover - welded type
Base foam cushion
Base frame foam cushion
Squab padding kit
Squab diaphram
10  C705  
Base seat diaphram
11  C707  
Packet of 20 seat frame clips
12  SC3008  
Rear seat kit - stitched type
13  SC3003  
Rear seat kit - welded type
14  SF669  
Rear squab foam
15  SF671  
Rear base foam
16  CK960  
Deluxe carpet set - nylon
17  TK3008  
Interior panel kit - round speedo binnacle
17  TK3000  
Interior panel kit - oval speedo binnacle
17  DT3024  
Speedo panels - round binnacle type
17  DT3021  
Speedo panels - oval binnacle type
17  DT3022  
Padded dash tray liner
17  DP3022  
Pair of door fillets (one door)
17  DP3021  
Pair of door panels
17  WA3022  
Pair of rear quarter panels
17  DP3023  
Pair of door pocket liners
17  WA2023  
Pair of rear pocket liners
17  WA3021  
Rear parcel shelf panel
17  WAC3024  
Pair of rear wheel arch covers
17  DT3028A  
Dash surround material - black
18  HL3000C  
Headlining kit including ā€œCā€ post liners
19  SV2004  
Chromed sunvisor bracket 1959-63 - angled
20  SV2000C  
Sunvisor pad - 1959-63 - central bracket
21  SV732C  
Sunvisor - 1964-5 with swivel chromed bracket
22  SV2016C  
Padded sunvisor 1964-67 - cream crackle
23  CK722A  
Boot floor mat - black hardura
24  DC3005  
Door check strap - each
25  PT3008  
Boot lid panel board
26  CK979A  
Bonnet insulation felt kit
27  PT4008  
Bitumen sound deadening pads - each
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