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Classic Mini Cooper Clubman Bodyshell & Front End

MINI Catalog Page 12-5
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CZH594 1
Clubman bodyshell, was CZH3232
CZH3234 1
Clubman Estate shell
No Longer Available
CZH3140 1
Windscreen surround panel
ALA5790 1
Front cantrail panel
No Longer Available
MS6R 1
Windscreen corner panel right hand side
MS6L 1
Windscreen corner panel left hand side
CZH120 MS56R 1
Headlamp panel right hand side
CZH121 MS56L 1
Headlamp panel left hand side
CZH408 1
Front wing right hand side
CZH409 1
Front wing left hand side
CZH155 1
Bonnet platform support panel
CZH563 1
Front panel pre rubber mounted use AAM1022 for gen
AAM1022 MS37L 1
Front panel rubber mounted
10  CZH149 MS149 1
Bonnet locking platform
11  CZH414 1
Inner flitch panel R/H
12  CZH569 1
Inner flitch panel L/H
13  CZH3062 1
Front part of inner flitch right hand side
13  CZH3063 1
Front part of inner flitch Left Hand Side
14  CZH570 1
Radiator cowl panel
No Longer Available
15  ALA5660 MS9R 1
Hinge scuttle panel right hand side
16  ALA5661 MS9L 1
Hinge scuttle panel left hand side
17  ALA6472 MSL7R 1
Hinge stiffener panel right hand side
18  ALA6473 MSL7L 1
Hinge stiffener panel left hand side
19  MSL41R 1
Inner wing to hinge stiffener repair panel
19  MSL41L 1
Inner wing to hinge stiffener repair panel
20  ALA5688 1
Plate front lower right hand side
20  ALA5689 1
Plate front lower left hand side
21  14A6675 1
Facia panel (holds ashtray)
22  CZH231 1
Front parcel shelf panel
23  CZH3354 1
Crossmember dash, was AAM1014
No Longer Available
24  AAM1028 1
Toeboard assembly (rubber mounted only)
No Longer Available
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