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Classic Mini Cooper Interior Accessories, Knobs, Pedals & Misc. Trim

MINI Catalog Page 13-35
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Burr walnut gear level knob with the latest mini emblem.
Round alloy gear lever knob.
Round alloy gear knob with recess to fit emblem.
Wood and picket emblem, leather gear lever.
Cooper alloy gear lever knob.
Original mini gear lever knob pre 1973.
Wood gear lever knob, without motif placing.
Leather gear lever knob, without motif placing.
Stick on emblems for recessed gear knobs. Cooper ā€˜Sā€™-MSA2002, Union Jack-MSA2004, BMC motif-MSA2008, GT-MSA2006, Austin-MSA2005, Mini-MSA2003, Cooper-MSA2007, 5Speed MSA2000.
10  BG8117  
Small mini spares gear knob, for recessed-BG8113.
11  BG8116  
Medium minispares gear knob, for recessed-BG8111
12  BG8115  
Large mini spares gear knob, for recessed-BG8111.
13  SZU10001  
Latest clutch and brake heavy duty pedals.
14  GPR107  
Original clutch and brake pedal pad, as fitted from 1976 up to the introduction of SZU10001 pad.
15  GPR104  
Clutch/brake pedal as fitted up to 1976, plus accelerator pad for vehicles 1976 on.
16  GPR105  
Accelerator rubber pedal pad for vehicles pre 1976.
17  A200017  
Race/Rally alloy pads for clutch and brake, as a pair.
18  A200015  
Mini accelerator metal pedal for vehicles pre 1976.
19  A200016  
Latest 1997 specification Rover look a like bolt on accelerator pedal for vehicles 1976 on..
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